Dust Duct – Dust Collection Duct System

WELDED PIPE ONE SEAM with Clamp Connection

Pressure Class Rating: Negative 10” Water Gauge Max

Sizes Available: Odd sizes: 5”, 7”, and 9”, Even Sizes: 4” through 18”

Lengths Available: 6” through 59½”

Material Available: Standard Galvanized G90, however 304 and 316 stainless steels are available.

Fabrication: Sheets of metal are cut per diameter stretch out at 5’ lengths. Then rolled into desired diameters, creating a solid round tube with one longitudinal seam which is butted up, tack welded on 4 inch centers, and then fully welded. A ¼ inch lip is rolled out on each end of the pipe to accept the clamp connection.

Connection: Straight sections and fittings come with a ¼” rolled out lip, butting up the straight sections and fittings to accept the clamp on connection. The clamp connection is easily installed creating a strong and airtight connection. Connection Clamp material is zinc plated with gasket material, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM). There are no screws required to make the connections, which eliminates screw threads on the inside of the pipe and fittings