Dust Duct – Dust Collection Duct System

WELDED PIPE ONE SEAM with Welded Connections

Pressure Class Rating: Negative 10” Water Gauge Max

Sizes Available: 3” through 38”

Lengths Available: 6” through 59”

Material Available: Standard Galvanized G90, however 304, 316 stainless steels and black iron materials are available.

Fabrication: Sheets of metal are cut per diameter stretch out at 5’ lengths. Then rolled into desired diameters, creating a solid round tube with one longitudinal seam which is butted up, tack welded on 4 inch centers, and then fully welded. A ½” inch flange is rolled out on each end of the pipe and associated fittings, butting the pieces together which then allows for applying a fully welded connection.

Connection: Connections are made by butting up the 1/2” flange out on the pipe and fittings allowing for a fully welded connection.