Dust Duct – Dust Collection Duct System

About Dust Duct Systems

Dust Duct Systems is fabricated in Uniontown PA just an hour South of Pittsburgh. Fabricating all the traditional dust collection ductwork systems from long seam clamp together all the way to fully welded seam angle ring. Here at Dust Duct Inc., we have taken it one step further introducing spiral pipe with a clamp together system. Spiral pipe lengths are available from 6” all the way to 20-foot length. This new method allows a more affordable approach to longer runs.

No Red Tape

With over 20 years of experience, Dust Duct Systems has unmatched knowledge and background to best communicate and deliver exactly what is necessary.

With our wide variety of product lines we can tailor to any industry from concrete dust collection all the way to fume extraction systems.

Quickest Response Times in the Industry!

We are standing by, ready to answer any question you may have. With a fully staffed Estimating Department, we have the quickest turn around times in the industry.


Your Ductwork Manufacturer and Supplier

Yes, we make it ALL — industrial ducting parts and accessories.

Clamp Together Duct

Our Clamping system eliminates hours compared to traditional installations.

Angle Ring

Ready to take on any industrial test.